Thursday, February 26, 2009

NEWS: PCB Dredging

Probably the biggest PCB dredging project ever contemplated is slated to begin this year after repeated delays over the past few years. This year the General Electric Company (GE) is scheduled to begin the project, whose price will approach $1 B, with a pilot project to demonstrate the technology and assess the results, including effectiveness and adverse impacts. The schedule may be delayed further, however, by a lawsuit to force EPA to pay for drinking water that might become contaminated by PCB mobilized by dredging. See Stillwater, New York paragraph in:

Related technical article: Michaels, RA.; and UM Oko. Bias in the US EPA baseline health risk assessment supporting the decision to require dredging of PCB-bearing sediments from the Hudson River. Environmental Practice, 9(2):96-111, June 2006; download full text from

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